Ukulele Reviews:

Koa Tenor 26″ Ukulele

I received my Ukulele yesterday and love it. Wood on the front  looks great.  The sound is wonderful and I really like the weight of it in my hands.

All the best to Twisted Wood!  Thank-you.

-Karen Vancouver, BC

Oct.17 2017

Koa Concert 24″ & Nomad Tenor 26″ Ukulele

Nicest ukes in my collection yet.

love your company! And your service is amazing, couldn’t ask for anything more.


Sept.3rd 2017

Forager Tenor 26″ Ukulele

Thanks so much for delivering the ukulele – it is beautiful and sounds great!


Aug, 8th 2017

Balier Concert 24″ / Nomad Tenor 26″ Ukuleles

Hi Tom,

Hello from High Prairie! Our kids loved the new ukuleles we ordered in May! They rocked their spring concert! I’m also loving my Nomad tenor😃👍🏽



Jul, 5th 2017

Koa Tenor Ukulele 26″

I received the ukulele today.  Thanks very much—it is a fantastic sounding and looking instrument!  I am looking forward to learning how to play it.  The tuner was not in the case however.  I am sure it was an accidental oversight.  If you could mail one to me it would be greatly appreciated.
Have a great long weekend.
Aug.4th 2017

Dorado Concert Ukulele 24″

Hey Adam,

Quick update from Vancouver. I bought this baby about a month ago, and I must say, I am smitten. Watch for us at the Grammy’s haha
Thanks again,
Aug, 18th 2017

Koa Concert Ukulele 24″

I was hesitant about purchasing online, after speaking with the kind team at twisted wood my worries were put at ease.  I’ll be back for another


Aug, 4th 2017

Dorado Concert Ukulele 24″

Quality setups! This is my second ukulele from you guys….. love using your instruments for playing live.

thx – Max

July 30, 2017

Nomad Tenor Ukulele 26″

Good day,

Just following up on the use purchase from the Calgary. I’m loving it – it is the most beautiful instrument I own.

You asked me to contact you with my preference for the use strap and stamp. I think I want a black strap with the tree stamp.


July 25th, 2016

Bailer Tenor Ukulele – 26″

Just wanted to give you a follow-up and a Thank You! Received  the Bailer Uke undamaged. What a great packing job, most secure packing I have ever received on any instrument.  May I also say the Bailer Tenor Uke has exceeds all my expectations. The present, clarity and note separation of this uke are outstanding. The playablity and set-up is also great. I will be purchasing more ukes in the future from Twisted Wood Guitars.

Thank You All For Your Best,

Jerry L. W. Oct. 15, 2016

Banyan Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele – 26”

Perfect.could not ask for any better. We’ll worth the price.thank you and would recommend to every one.

-11angel22 April 11, 2015

Bailer Black Soprano Ukulele – 21”

Beautifully crafted instrument. Rapid shipping and arrived intact! Excellent experience, highly recommend!

Lori January 13, 2015

Bailer Black Zebra Wood – 26″ Tenor Ukulele

Best of the best . Try it you will buy more. Thank you!,

-11angel22 April 11, 2015

Malu Solid Spruce top Tenor Ukulele – 26”

This is an amazing piece of craftsmanship! This was well worth the price! It was also well packaged. The tone is beautiful and bright. I have owned a few Ukuleles, yet this one exceeds them all! If you are considering a Ukulele look no further. Buy from this guy he makes superior Ukuleles! Thank you!

-Divine Gift Shop April 17,2015

Malu Solid Spruce top Concert Ukulele – 24”

Absolutely gorgeous! I am new to learning the Uke and its my first string instrument. I feel like I jumped to the highest caliber model as its beautiful and made extremely well. I love it and can’t wait to continue learning how to play so I can show off my ukulele. Thanks for the great craftsmanship and a product totally worth the splurge.

-Elizabeth May 12,2015

Bailer Zebra Wood Ukulele – 24″

A beautiful, sweet sounding instrument! It arrived quickly (from Canada to the US) and was very well packaged. The seller was also great about communicating the status of my order. They also have a FaceBook page with lots of photos and videos of their instruments. Thank you!

-Pippi on May 31, 2015


Banyan Solid Acacia Soprano Ukulele – 21”

This is made perfectly not a flaw, beautiful wood!!

-Tawnya  – July 3, 2015

Bailer Zebra Wood Ukulele – 24″

Well packaged for shipment. So impressed when I opened it. The grain is so beautiful and special. The strings are of premium grade. I wish I had room to bring it with me to Bali. It’s so perfect. Thank you so much guys!!

-Lola December 3, 2014

Bailer Zebra Wood Ukulele – 24″

The instrument is beautiful and wonderful sound quality too. Very happy indeed!

-moofkey December 2, 2014

I absolutely love this ukulele, it sounds so beautiful and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!

-letitiaalexe June 17, 2014

Bailer Zebra Wood Ukulele – 21″

Speedy shipping, beautiful wood and craftsmanship. Looking forward to giving it to my daughter.

-Carol  September 28, 2014

Bailer Black Zebra Wood – 28″ Baritone Ukulele

shipped as advertised, arrived in perfect condition, well protected.
it is a gorgeous instrument and sounds wonderful.

-bmeyer1 December 23, 2014

Banyan Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele – 26”

This is a very nice solid Acaicia ukulele with an attractive wood grain pattern. The intonation is perfect. The tone is on the soft and mellow side rather than plunky or punchy like some ukuleles. After lowering the string action (height) to my preference and changing to my prefered strings (Oasis Low G) I am very pleased with this ukulele. I look forward to the sound profile opening up a bit over the coming months. The more I play it, the better it is sounding.

Donald January 8, 2014

Banyan Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele – 26”

This ukulele was even more gorgeous in person and Tom was very sweet and accommodating. Thank you!

-Valentina February 11,2014

Bailer Black Zebra Wood – 26″ Tenor Ukulele

Beautiful ukelele! My husband loves it. Very fast shipping to the U.S.!

-Monique  July 9, 2015

Bailer Black Zebra Wood – 26″ Tenor Ukulele

Amazing quality. Great sound. Much better than any other ukulele I’ve seen. Would highly recommend to anyone interested

-Brian  August 13, 2015

Bailer Zebra Wood Ukulele – 21″

“Even more beautiful in person

-Jordan M Dec.24th 2013”


Banyan Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele – 26”

“The uke arrived on Friday. I want to thank you for the fine job of packing. I work for UPS and see a lot of damaged packages, so I appreciate your efforts with that regard. They did not require a signature, but I was home so it sat out on the front steps for only a short time. I let it warm up before opening so there would be no sudden change for the finish and the wood. The uke is beautiful! It’s got the most figured Koa of all but one of my Hawaiian ukes. It compares very favourably to my $1000 Kanile’a K-1 Tenor in terms of sound and tone. I really like the thin taper neck profile, as it’s different from any of my other ukes and reminds me of my Gibson SG ’61 Reissue I used to own.”

-JD Jan. 2014


Banyan Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele – 26”

“The sound of the instrument is outstanding, no wolf notes, brilliant and ringy sound, the width of the fretboard and string spacing are perfect. The action was a bit high so I had to lower it, but I had fan in doing it, so no problems. The wood and the thin satin finish is absolutely stunning, whether it is normal Acacia (mimosa) or original Koa. The neck is basically perfect in shape and wood choice. The most important thing for me is the sound and this is absolutely wonderful, I hate wolf notes, which are nearly always present in ukuleles but in this case nothing. I just mounted my favourite strings, the new Aquila RED and the sound is even more improved in terms of projection and clarity. So I am absolutely happy, it was worth the wait.”

-Pietro jan. 2014


Bailer Zebra Wood Ukulele – 24″

“Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. The pictures do not do this instrument justice. And it sounds even better than it looks. I thought the first thing I would need to do is go out and buy a good set of strings but the strings that came with it are excellent! I’m having a blast with my new Ukulele. Big thanks to Twisted Wood Guitars for their excellent customer service.

-Joshua  Nov. 2013”


BailerZebra Wood Ukulele – 24″

“This ukulele is amazing! The Zebra Wood, is beautiful to look at. The sound is rich and deep. The craftsmanship is as nice as some ukes that cost a whole lot more. I bought this as a present for my daughter but I am having a hard time handing it over to her.

Jesterger-Sept. 2013


BailerZebra Wood Ukulele – 21″

This is beautiful! Can’t wait to give it to my son, he’s going to love it!
Thank you!

Threesisterharvest December 30,2013


BailerZebra Wood Ukulele – 21″

Even more beautiful in person

Jordan  December 24, 2013