Weissenborn Reviews:

Style 2 Weissenborn

Thanks for all the information. You make beautiful instruments, and I feel lucky to own one. Enjoy your summer. Cheers….


Aug, 20th 2017

Rock Roots – Mountain Edition Weissenborn

Tom! The guitar is beautiful, thank you!

Happy customer!


Jul, 17th 2017

Twisted Original – Deep Body Weissenborn

Thanks for building a lovely instrument! I will be at Edmonton Folk Fest, Weissenborn in hand, in August.


Jun, 6th 2017

Rock Roots – Mountain Edition Weissenborn

Btw… I’m absolutely loving my Weissenborn!

Cheers and thanks!


Aug, 10th 2017

Sitka Original – Mountain Edition Weissenborn

Tom – I purchased the Sitka mountain edition guitar you dropped off at Myhres, it sounded great and I’m excited to learn!  I decided against a pick up as it’s a long shot that I’ll plug in any time in the near future.

If you’ve got any resource information on books or teachers or sites to learn from, I’d greatly appreciate it 🙂 Unfortunately the store didn’t have any Weissenborn or slide guitar tutorial books or other resource info available so any guidance you could share would be awesome!

Cheers! Andrea

Jul, 15th 2017

Drifter Series Weissenborn

Hello Adam,

Thought I’d drop a short note to thank you for your help

in getting The Drifter here to me all safe and sound.

That was absolutely the best example of how to safely pack an instrument I have seen.

I played the little guy most of yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I know it isn’t one of your high end models but it is very well made and it is exactly what I wanted.

It sounds amazing either acoustically or plugged in.

Excellent tone and it is very comfortable in my lap.

Thanks again. It is much appreciated.

I will pass on my good experience with you folks whenever possible.

Have a good day,


Jul, 12th 2017

Koa – Solid Top Mountain Edition Weissenborn
Hey Adam, after fighting with the bureaucracy of this country I finally received the guitar! I would like to tell you that it sounds great, I am really satisfied. The pickup system works perfect, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you a lot for your attention, you were very kind!!!

Antonio – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar.26, 2017

Twisted Original Deep Body – Solid Top Weissenborn

Well guys, I was waiting for pictures, and I received the real thing !

Well packed, no trouble (thank you for the sensible recuperation of a Martin box).

Tuned the beast in open D, and here we go.

I never played a weissenborn before, but knew what I wanted to hear : I have it. In spades.

I just compose my first (easy) piece. Just I have to play it correctly, but the instrument brings inspiration.

Thank you

Very very much

And it is beautiful, too. (and big, oh my !)

Will put a Seymour Duncan magnetic PU on it tomorrow (I’m a certified mag PU freak)


July. 21, 2016

Balance Series Deep Body – Laminate Weissenborn

Hi Adam,

Just wanted to say I love the guitar! That was fun to unpack 🙂 Thanks for suggesting the pickup, I agree it makes the instrument come alive! Keep doing what you guys are doing, you have it right.
Sept. 21, 2016

Twisted Original – Solid Wood Weissenborn

It sounds amazing Adam, a whole new world just opened up.

Thanks to all, for all your efforts.  -Tim
Sept. 16 , 2016

Rock Roots – Laminate Weissenborn

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know the guitar arrived today and I’m loving it!
Thanks for the great set-up and service!
All the best,
Oct.03, 2016


Twisted Original – Solid Wood

Excellent transaction, the instrument is beautiful and as described. Recommended

abearblues Nov.4 2015


Twisted Original – Solid Top

5 stars incredible craftsmanship A++ this thing is so light I love it Thanks!!!

Joe_simmo Oct. 26 2015


Twisted Original – Solid Top
Guitar arrived quickly, looks great, and sounds fantastic. Would buy from again.

Brig324 April.20 2014


Rock Roots – Solid Wood

Great communication!!!! Fantastic seller!!!!! Superior quality!!!!!!

Sergey1547 August .19 2015


Twisted Original – Solid Top

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you. The guitar is amazing, the sound is deep and wide and very warm with great sustain. it’s comfortable to play and has a real solid feel to it. It’s way more than I had hoped for, and a great price. I’m in love. Thank you for doing what you do…

Paul Deschenes Feb.20 2014


Twisted Original – Solid Top

Guitar arrived today in GREAT shape… Love the tone/looks of my new instrument.

Now to practice.

Thanks, again,

Don nov.12 2015

Rock Roots – Solid Wood
Guitar (and case) arrived in perfect shape. Unpacking was an experience! Had to very carefully cut away the bubble wrap for fear of damaging the case. Took me several minutes – reminded me of opening Christmas presents as a child. Big smile on my face!

Tuned it to D, as that’s what I’m used to. Will try others later.  Both guitar and case are absolutely beautiful (who makes your cases? Do they do custom?)  (recall that I have a travel guitar that is shaped a bit differently than normal). I use D’Addario primarily my self. I received a new set from them that I may try. It’s a Beta test set –  not yet named. 

I have a friend that plays 6-pedal steel (among many other instruments), he’ll just be beside himself with envy.

BTW, today is my birthday, so the timing is perfect. A present from me to me.

Thanks again, Tom. I’ll be in touch.

Best Regards,

Max Nov. 02  2015

Balance Series – Solid Wood



I’ll post this later on Twitter and Facbook but man… I can’t express how epic sounding these guitars are. I played a number of show this weekend and they were the best shows I’ve ever played. Your guitars are rocking and the sound is incredible and the ocean slider is amazing. I’ll send you some new stuff from the album I’m putting together shortly.


-Matt Jul 2nd 2014


Twisted Original – Solid Top


Guitar arrived today. Arrived in good condition. Looks great. Sounds
great. I’m sorry it took so long to get to this point — get a Luna,
have its bridge crack, send back for replacement, wait, find out there
are none available from supplier, etc. etc. — but am very happy now,
and glad I found Twisted Wood online.

Steven Feb,21 2015


Rock Roots Solid Top

Tom, thanks so much.  I picked up the guitar today and I love it.  Beautiful fit and finish and great set up.   Sounds great both plugged in and unplugged.  I look forward to getting better acquainted with her.  You are doing a great job with these instruments.
  Thanks, Lee

Mon, Mar 02, 2015


Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar- Twisted Original Laminate

Love it. It sounds great. Seems like it should have cost 2x as much for what I got. Thanks!

-Nbell37 may- 2013


Rock Roots Solid Top

Hey Tom,

Dropping a line to let you know that the guitar arrived Xmas Eve without any issues…….  I’ve been playing on it almost every day since it arrived.  I love the sound and some of my friends that have heard it (small get – together/jam) agree!  I’m very satisfied and thanks again for getting the guitar to me for Xmas.


Nelson jan 4. 2014


Balance Series Solid Top

I received the guitar today….it is terrific. Looks and sounds great. I love the matte finish. Your packing was very impressive as well.

I am amazed at the clarity of the pickup…I also tried it through my Boss Bluesdriver, which I use to get my dirty tones, and it holds it own. This is a versatile guitar.




July 29th 2013


Balance series solid wood

I’m already considering my next one and wanted to start a bit of planning on it and get some input from you.  I’m finding that I’m playing in open C and D and G so I obviously need more than one of these little gems!


Karl – Jan.3 2014


Rock Roots Solid Top

I just wanted to follow up with more feed back. I am truly impressed with this guitar! I’ve run it through my Fender modelling amp as well as my acoustic amp with compression, and it sounds very natural, or dirty depending on how it’s pushed.
Anyway, overall I’m thrilled with the guitar, and everyone I’ve shown and played it for are very impressed as well.

-Greg sept. 2013